Employee of the Year Award Program

The SCJAA is committed to the professional growth of our local Detention Centers and Jails. Some of the ways that this can be accomplished is by promoting meaningful training programs, exchanging technical information, developing and implementing jail standards, encouraging sound practices, and adopting practices that improve the efficiency of detention officers.  There are dedicated people in every organization who work long and hard to accomplish the goals which ensure that their organizations continue to run professionally. Out of all those dedicated professionals, there are some who stand out more than others. The SCJAA asks your help in identifying those individuals in order that we may honor them.

The SCJAA Board will present the following awards at the 2017 annual conference:


1. Supervisor of the Year

2. Officer of the Year

3. Volunteer of the Year


Supervisor of the Year


In most jails, Administrators rely heavily on first line supervisors and mid-level managers. They serve as a link between the Administrators and line staff. Supervisors coach, lead, and guide.  Without them, the job of an Administrator would be virtually impossible. Candidates for this award must be an employee of the detention center and must have the endorsement of the Administrator and a completed nomination form.


Officer of the Year


This award provides Administrators an opportunity to recognize those uniformed line employees who really hold our places together. Please select and submit the name of the outstanding man or women that you have working for you. In order to be eligible for this award, the officer must be an employee of the detention center. Applications must be completed and carry the endorsement of the Administrator.


Volunteer of the Year


There are probably very few Detention Centers in the state that survive without the help of volunteers, those community citizens who are committed to doing something positive within our detention centers. The only criterion is that the service is provided to the detention center without compensation for the specific service. Their unsung hero can be working with religious programs, in crisis counseling roles, working with commissary, or any other similar role.  Applications must be completed and carry the endorsement of the Administrator.

To complete a nomination form, please go to this button on the Home Page.